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The Technology Of RF Filters

What Is An RF Filter?

RF stands for radio frequency. RF filters are electronic, and run off of signals that use different frequencies. Unique ranges of frequency are used for radio and television signals, as well as for communication in the wireless industry.

RF filters include signal filtering for the transponder. This allows the desired frequency to travel through a circuit, and the unneeded frequencies to be discounted. Duplexers, along with diplexers, are the most common uses for this technique, as they can separate or combine the different bands of frequency. A properly working filter assures a very low amount of loss within the pass.

The Different Types of RF Filters

Future Electronics carries several different types of RF filters, including the most common filter varieties. There are numerous ways to categorize these filters, such as by bandwidth, frequency and temperature. This allows the people interested in an RF filter to better coordinate their search results by focusing on the exact specifications they need.

The Applications For Filters

The filters used for seismology, sonar or medical purposes are called band pass. They can also be used in certain types of optics, as well as audio. When there is a narrow bandwidth present, a filter featuring a lower loss is required. In this scenario, a SAW filter is ideal.

How To Choose the Right Filter

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