Watch the Process of Electronic Manufacturing SMT

Have you ever wondered how your electronic gadgets work?

Electronic manufacturing has become an integral part of our lives. Most individuals have cell phones and would feel incomplete without one.

A wide assortment of technology depends on electronic manufacturing-from the computer, to the smart phone, and everything in between. These gadgets are so highly used yet most people do not think about how technical the process to manufacture them can be.

It is largely dependent upon the type of printed circuit boards used in the manufacturing (upon which other components are then mounted), as well as the method of producing electronic circuits. The method featured in this video is known as Surface Mount Technology (SMT) which has almost entirely replaced through-hole technology.

The machine shown is the Siemens surface mount placement machine at C.R. International, Inc. located in Laurel, MD. This machine can place small surface mount style parts at a speed of up to 20,000 parts per hour (PPH). The accuracy more than exceeds the requirements for component alignment required for IPC Class III life support and avionics. With 80 8 millimeter locations, this machine can hold the discrete requirements for today’s designs.

 The Production of Electronic Manufacturing Products

We offer production runs in an array of sizes (using many different technological techniques) depending on what the customer needs. They can be run on a consignment with materials coming from either the vendor or the customer. Services such as testing, design and software are sometimes offered, and everything from printed circuit boards to assembly services are provided.

 The Design and Engineering of Radio Frequency Products

We also offer services in the design and engineering of radio frequency products. We can transform a general idea into a tangible product, and will make certain the design is cutting edge and meets the current requirements. This gives you the best possible version of your original idea.

We are also able to offer assistance after your product has reached completion. Management of the chain of supply your product uses can increase distribution all over the world. Our contracts guarantee services even once a sale has been agreed on. We take quality standards seriously and have ISO 9001:2008 and ITAR certification involving our ems electronic manufacturing services.

Contact C.R. International at or call (301) 210-1540 to start your manufacturing project.