C.R. International leads the industry in the creation and performance of RF filters for the intelligence community, the Department of Defense, and many more. We produce an OEM product for the RF community, striving for the highest, and cutting edge technology in the field.

RF Filters In Application:

RF filters are needed in a wide range of applications for all frequencies in the spectrum in radio frequency and audio. They serve an important role in many field applications. RF filters must meet the quality required to pass the right frequencies through the correct circuits.

RF filters are designed to reduce signals of interference from other channels while transmitting the frequency and channel you are sending.

RF filters are available in low pass, high pass, and band pass. We also produce synthesizers for applications in unique situations.

Products listed on the website include:

Connectorized Bandpass SAW filters

RF Filter - Connectorized Bandpass SAW filters

Scaler – Fiber – Remote Interface

RF Devices – Anti-Aliasing Unit

Anti-Aliasing Unit

RF Filter – Scaler Fiber Remote Interface

Frequency Synthesizer

RF Devices Frequency Synthesizer

C.R. International’s RF Filter Production:

C.R. International’s most recently developed and produced line of RF products includes band pass filters at 70, 140, and 350 MHz frequencies.

Our products are intended to meet the efficient, exceptional performance demanded by ISO-9001:2015 standards and certification. C.R. International has 38 years of experience in full-featured radio frequency production. We’ve innovated customized solutions for clients that include the US Department of Defense and the US government, communications companies using high-speed, and many corporations around the world.

Through partnerships with supply chain managers, more customers will have the opportunity to review and order these products. If your company is interested in talking to us about one of our RF products or discussing your specific band pass requirements, please contact C.R. International at sales@cri-inc.net or call 301-210-1540 and ask to speak with engineering to discuss how we can help you develop a product to your specifications.