Here at CRI, we combine our extensive experience in contract process engineering and electronic manufacturing to bring you innovative solutions that serve you well, not only in the electronics industry, but way beyond. CRI always makes sure to go the extra mile so your business can shine. See the list of our services below:

Assembly: If you need a partner to introduce your new products to the market, C.R. International Inc., ISO 9001:2015 certified for electronic manufacturing and engineering services, should feature prominently on your contact list. With our personalized solutions that are tailor-made to suit each business, you can count on us to solve your most pressing challenges. 

Engineering Support: “Your Partner in Successful New Product Introductions”.

Strategic Sourcing, Supply Chain and Materials Management: CRI maintains strategic partnerships with national distributors, as well as a strong and reliable purchasing department. Our inventory system can accurately track purchased and consigned materials required for the manufacturing cycle. Our Engineering and Quality Departments qualify new suppliers and then subject them to an annual re-certification process. This all adds up to more consistent deliveries of quality products to our customers.

Quality Manufacturing: As a manufacturer of high tech, high reliability electronic assemblies and devices, CRI provides a full range of consignment or turn-key manufacturing services. We have an on-staff IPC certified instructor to consistently assemble to IPC 610 class II and class III workmanship standards. We have automated equipment for SMT, through-hole and mixed technology PC board assemblies. CRI is also experienced in chassis assembly, mechanical sub-assemblies and rack assembly.

Quality & Test: CRI is an ISO 9001:2015 registered company and producing quality product is job one. We are dedicated to improving our services, performance and customers’ satisfaction everyday. CRI offers its customers both functional and dynamic in-circuit testing. We have the capability to manufacture custom test equipment to test your assembled product or through an alliance with an outside contractor, CRI can aid in DFT, nodal test coverage and in-circuit test generation.

Flight Work: C.R. International Inc. is able to accommodate your flight needs. CRI currently has one flight certified instructor and two flight certified hand solderers. For more information, and/or copies of our certificates, please contact