The Process Of Marketing A Prototype

Printed circuit board prototype

A printed circuit board is a card made of a thin metal that is flat or a type of plastic board that is called an insulator. Chips made of silicon are mounted on this board and used in products like televisions and cameras.


A prototype is the very first model of any invention that worked. The PCB was the first circuit board prototype. The PCB was created to work with newer devices for electronics. Once this device functions the way it was intended, the inventor is able to save a substantial amount of money. The invention is then marketed commercially.

Producing The Design For A Printed Circuit Board Product

Many tasks must be seen to before the design for a product can be successfully made, produced and eventually sold. The document specifications for the product must be completed and a marketing study already made. The design for the packaging of the electronic product must also be done before the prototype can even be made and then tested.

Our design and manufacturing services can give valuable assistance in the design and development of this product. Some examples in the way we can offer assistance are the layout design, the selection of the components, packaging, and ensuring the capability of the products prototype. Sometimes, they are able to lower the cost and improve the reliability of the product.

Non-Disclosure Agreements

It is imperative that a Non-Disclosure Agreement is already in effect before anyone is involved to protect your design. If this step is not taken, the prototype is at risk. A printed circuit board prototype is a valuable product and this agreement will protect the rights of the inventor. As this process can be complicated, call us to speak with our engineering department about your product at (301) 210-1540 or send us an email to