CRI equipment list is based on over 35 years of electronic contract manufacturing services. As an ISO 9001:2015 company, we strictly adhere to specific industry standards in all of the products and services we provide.



Description: includes hinged access shield FDA-approved silicone sealant, LED light, power strip and FFU, hood frame encloses  the FFU mounted inside, HEPA fan/filter unit(s) provide a continuous flow of micro-filtered air, static-dissipative PVC eliminates static charges and the particles they attract (making it ideal for the most critical contamination requirements).

Surface Mount Technology:


Description: Hi-speed throughput, placement of 01005″ (.254 x .127 mm) discrete components, 74,000 pph placement rate on a maximum PCB size of 24″ W by 59″ L.

Screen Printers:

Manufacturer: (2) MPM Corporation, Model AP in-line (2-D inspection) and (1) SPM semi-automatic Screen Printer
Description: Automatic/Semi-automatic Screen Printers, Computer Controlled  20 x 20 Max stencil size

SMT Pick and Place:

Manufacturer: 2 full surface mount lines: SIEMENS, Model Siplace CS, CF, SP25, F5 (qty 2), S20 (qty 2)

80S: 2 – 6 position rotary heads , 18″ x 18″ Bd. Size, 80 Feeder Positions; 20,000 parts/hr. (Max) Minimum Lead Pitch: 12.5 mil

80F:  1 – 6 position rotary head and 1 (.3mm) fine pitch Placement Head, Waffle pack option 18″ x 18″ Bd. Size, 80 Feeder Positions; 10,000 parts/hr. (Max) Minimum Lead Pitch: 12.5 mil

S25: 2 – 12 position rotary heads , 18″ x 18″ Bd. Size, 80 Feeder Positions; 25,000 parts/hr. (Max) Minimum Lead Pitch: 12.5 mil

F5: (qty 2) 1 – 6 position rotary head and 1 (.3mm) fine pitch Placement Head, JEDEC TRAY  18″ x 18″ Bd. Size, 80 Feeder Positions; 10,000 parts/hr. (Max) Minimum Lead Pitch: 12.5 mil

S20: (qty 2) 2×12 nozzel head, factory rated 20000 cph

Manufacturer: CONTACT SYSTEMS, Model 3AVX
Description: 4 Placement Heads, Component Orientation Optics
14″ x 26″ Bd. Size, 8500 parts/hr. (Max)
Minimum Lead Pitch: 12.5 mil (.3 mm)
20 mil (.5 mm) BGA optics option

Reflow Ovens:

Manufacturer: HELLER, 1707 EXL
Description: 8” Conveyor, or chain edge rail, Eutectic/Lead Free 7-Zone Convection Reflow Oven

Manufacturer: ELECTROVERT, Omniflow 5
Description: 21″ Conveyer, 5-Zone, Eutectic/Lead Free Convection Reflow Oven

Temperature Profiling Analysis – Euctectic and Lead Free:

Manufacturer: SolderStar Temperature Profiling System

Manufacturer: KIC Temperature Profiling System
Description: Data Logger & Thermal Profile Analysis

Plated Through Hole Lead Forming:

Manufacturer: HEPCO, 7900-LF
Description: DIP IC Lead Former

Manufacturer: ELECTROVERT, Electroprep
Description: Radial Lead Former

Manufacturer: GPD, Model C. F. 7
Description: Axial Lead Former

Manufacturer: GPD; Model C.F. 8
Description: Axial Lead Former

Through Hole Part Installation:

Manufacturer: CONTACT SYSTEMS, CS-400C (2 ea)
Description: Semi-Automatic Component Locator, 15″ x 15″ Bd. Size, Auto Cut & Clinch

Wave Solder:

Manufacturer: ELECTROVERT, Econopak I
Description: Conveyerized, Foam Fluxer, 2 Pre-heat Zones, Dual Wave (Turbulent & Lambda), 15″ Bd. Width, Wave Auger option for cross flow
Also available: Hadco Eutectic and Lead Free Solder Fountains

Manufacturing Support Equipment Cleaning:

Description: Aqueous Cleaning using De-Ionized Water, Water Resistivity Meter, Closed-Loop Filtering System;  2; 15 HP Dryers

Manufacturer: BRANSON Ultrasonic cleaner with heater and Saponifer

Inspection and X-Ray:

Manufacturer: Cyber Optics SE300 Solder Paste Height Inspection system.
Description: 100% Solder Paste Volume and Height Inspection

Manufacturer: Yestech and Omron Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) Stations
Description: Inspection of components for polarity and acceptable soldering

Manufacturer: Scienscope X-Ray System
Description: 100KVA 3-D X-ray System

Manufacturer: VISION ENGINEERING, Mantis (6 ea)
Description: 4x, 8x, 10x Selectable, Stereoscope

Manufacturer: BAUSCH & LAMB (4 ea)
Description: Stereo Microscope

Manufacturer: ASG IS-1000 140x BGA Microscope
Description: Solder Joint Inspection System

Manufacturer: GE Ultraviolet Light Conformal Coat Inspection Station


Description: CircuitCAM, Ver 4.1 Off-line programming for Pick & Place Equipment

Prototype/Rework Assembly:

Manufacturer: AIR-VAC Engineering, Model DRS24C.2D
Description: BGA-SMT Rework Station

Manufacturer: PACE: Craft-25 w/ Optics, MBT, Thermo Drive
Description: Remove & Replace – SMT Solder/Rework Stations

Other Manufacturing Interests:

96’ Manual Slide Rail Assembly System                        Crimp Tools: Molex, Amp, 3M, Etc.

Manufacturing Engineering Support                       Panel King – Panel Web Removal Unit

FKN Systek, Model 1000 Depanelizer                         AMP – Compliant Pin Installation Press

ESD Control System / Test Stations                              V-TEK, Tape & Reel Component Counter

Product Testing Services                                               Factory Trained Operators

Calibrated oven (for treating moisture sensitive components – when required)

McDry storage Bin (for storing moisture-sensitive components).

ESS/Engineering/Test Equipment:

(Partial Listing)

8’ x 8’ Burn-in Chamber to 50 degrees C; 

64 and 8 cubic foot Chambers to 125 degrees C


228X In-circuit Tester, capable of testing up to 1900 nodes.

Hewlett Packard:

Model 4940A, Transmission Impairment Test Set

Model 8594E, 9KHz-2.9GHz Spectrum Analyzer

Model 85024A, High Frequency Probe Kit

Telecommunications Techniques Corporation (TTC):

Model 6000A; Firebird Communications Analyzers (2 each)

Data Sentry 10; Communications Analyzers

Associated Research:

Hy-Pot Tester, Model 4050 AT

International Data Sciences:

Model 130; TDM Modem Test Set


Model 23; Synthesizer Function Generator

Telephone Analysis Systems, Inc. (TAS):

Series II Plus; Telephone Network Emulator

Line Impairment Simulator


PAL-EPROM-FPGA Programming

Various Digital Volt Meters, Frequency Generators,

Oscilloscopes, DC Power Supplies, etc.

Genrad/HP testing available through vendor relationship

Please contact (301) 210-1540 and ask to speak to engineering for more information on our equipment.