What is Contract Electronics Manufacturing?

What Kind of Equipment is Manufactured for the Military and Commercial Industries?

Industries require complex and expensive equipment and machinery. They can be electronic, mechanical, or a combination of the two. Military and commercial establishments require heavy machinery.

The Original Equipment Manufacturers’ (OEMs) core competence is the manufacture and design of industrial users with their needs matching their features. The machines have high-precision components, with various parts of different sizes and functions.

Manufacturing Quality, Cost-Effective Electronics

Modular manufacturing, a new concept in manufacturing, has forced manufacturers to contact third-party vendors to produce their electronic parts. These vendors have proven core competency in manufacturing electronics, unlike their usual customers, who need competency in mechanical and electronic manufacturing. While focusing, the vendors achieve quality and cost-efficiency.

Contract manufacturing is a large and ever expanding industry due to the modern demand for electronics/electronic parts. It requires speed, precision and advanced technology. The printed circuit boards are some of the most in-demand sectors in the field, as well as box-builds, RF boards, and other various assemblies. ECM depends on industries including transportation, telecommunication, consumerism, and health care to thrive.

What Standards Are Required?

Because this is a high-end technology business, quality certification like GMP and ISO standards are required for contracting services. However, client testimonies and technology standards provide useful information on choosing the best vendor. Some vendors provide services including design other than manufacturing to help solve a critical problem.

C.R International Inc. also provides design services and assistance for conceptual project development in electrical, mechanical, and software design. Testing services perform functional, in-circuit, agency compliant, environmental, and analytical lab testing. Our contract electronics manufacturing services reach companies located all over the world. They comply with regulatory requirements and quality standards.