Here at C.R. International Inc., we prioritize our customers’ satisfaction over all else. See below for testimonials from those who have worked with CRI:

“CR International- second to none in customer care and PCB quality.” -Charlie Johnson

“C.R. International is a great company to work with. I have experienced nothing but excellent service, high quality product, and more! They truly are passionate about what they do and it shows in their work!” -Jheni Rose

“This place is absolutely amazing! The customer service is unbeatable and they take care of everything you need! All the employees are very kind and helpful and the work they produce is very high quality. If I could give this place 50 stars out of 5, I would!” -Laursen Lancaster


CRI also makes sure to take good care of its employees. See below for some insight from  employees on what having a career with CRI is like:

“I love learning new things from a day to day basis and being able to interact with the clients in person.” -Former purchasing and procurement specialist

“Overall, the workplace culture at CRI is incredibly positive-nowhere else I have worked at can compare.” -Former buyer

“The owner is somewhat laid-back and very understanding of family issues and allows for time off for emergencies.” -Quality inspector

“The most enjoyable part of the job is the challenges you face on a daily basis. CRI is a very flexible and family oriented company.” -Quality inspector

“Wonderful, high tech place to work. Lots of opportunities to learn and grow. The site Operations Manager / owner is by far the best person I have worked for so far. I learned a lot while there, going from stockroom associate,to mechanical assembly and finally to machine set up on the SMT line within the 9 months I was there.” -SMT assembly employee

“I have learned a lot from my boss and co-workers. This is the best work place . On busy time we all work very hard to satisfy our customers with our best. Our reputation is very high because of our team work that reflect the best quality of our services.” -Sales associate

“My co-workers were very easy going and cooperative. I had a lot of fun working in the stockroom. I was able to freely listen to music as I worked and my manager was a great person who knew how to make work fun. I really enjoyed my time with this company.” -Receiving clerk