Frequency Synthesizer                                    

Features:    Frequency Synthesizer Electronic Design & Manufacturing

  • Input:    10 MHz Reference
  • Default power-up frequency can be set per customer request
  • Optional Development kit available for remote programming via USB
  • Operates on 12V DC





1 GHZ to 2 GHZ Programmable (Optional)

Gain:  10-15 dB typ. 

REF Input:  10 MHz, +7 dBm nom. (+/- 6 dBm)

Based on the ADF4153, with TTL logic inputs, this device has a full host of tunable options, see ADF4153 and Mini Circuits DSN-2036A-119+ data sheets for full capability description


For more information on pricing or lead time contact C.R. International, Inc. at  Subject to change or modification without notice. Certain customer specifications may limit performance parameters.